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Discover a delightful array of Christmas-themed cakes at CakeBox! From whimsical Yule Bliss to Santa Claus treats and Winter Wonderland wonders, explore our festive collection for a merry celebration. Indulge in rich flavours and playful designs that capture the spirit of the season. Make your holidays extra special with our enchanting Christmas cake assortment!

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  1. Festive Christmas Heaven Cake
    Festive Christmas Heaven Cake
    From £34.99
  2. Merry Berry Bliss Cake
    Merry Berry Bliss Cake
    From £29.99
  3. Christmas Celebration Bliss Cake
    Christmas Celebration Bliss Cake
    From £33.99
  4. Santa Claus Bliss Cake
    Santa Claus Bliss Cake
    From £33.99
  5. Winter Wonderland Bliss Cake
    Winter Wonderland Bliss Cake
    From £33.99
  6. Christmas Yule Bliss Cake
    Christmas Yule Bliss Cake
    From £34.99
  7. Christmas Cupcakes
    Christmas Cupcakes
    From £25.00