Father's Day Cupcakes & Treats

Father's Day Cupcakes: Treat Dad to a Sweet Surprise!

Father’s Day is a worldwide celebration every year when kids gather to honour the real superheroes in their lives. Male parenting and fatherhood are celebrated on this day, and fathers throughout the world are thanked for the innumerable sacrifices for their families, especially their children. But most countries, including the United Kingdom, observe this occasion on the third Sunday of June every year. On Father’s Day, everyone makes a special effort for their fathers. If the children are living away from them, then they pay a visit to spend the day with them. Those who cannot visit their dads send them flowers and cards. Other gifts such as clothes, shoes, and sporting equipment are also a common practice. But, regardless of how and where one celebrates it, the day is incomplete without cakes and cupcakes. We have a variety of collections of Father's Day cupcakes, which will effortlessly melt as soon as you put them in your mouth.  Our Father’s day cupcakes are a symphony of flavours which are crafted with the finest of ingredients. Each bite of these scrumptious cupcakes will make you say, “Wow,” and you cannot stop eating them once you have tasted them. The delightful cupcakes of Cake Box make Father’s Day memorable for both you and your family, particularly your father. Wondering what yummy cupcake options Cake Box has to make Father’s Day celebrations special for you? Let’s find out.

Fathers Day Cupcakes

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Assorted Chocolate Cupcakes - A Treat for Chocolate Lovers

If your father is a chocolate lover, then our Assorted Chocolate Cupcakes are the perfect treat for him. The buttercream and chocolate cupcakes satisfy your sweet tooth like never before. Made with the finest of ingredients, each bite of these cute little delicacies is one that needs to be savoured. Assorted Chocolate Cupcakes, filled with rich chocolate,  become your father’s favourite as soon as you try them. 

Assorted Fruity Cupcakes - Fruit Lovers’ Favourite 

Cupcakes in fruit flavours are an elite combination that your father will instantly love. Available in six premium fruit flavours, these mini treats with classic flavours take you on a heavenly journey of taste. You will get the taste of your favourite fruits, that too on top of cupcakes. The vibrant colours of the frosting make you believe you are in a garden with your favourite fruits. Whether your father is a Raspberry lover or likes lemon, Assorted Fruity Cupcakes will satisfy his taste buds and make the special day even more special for him. 

Red Velvet Cupcakes - An Elite Treat 

“Royalty” is the word that best describes our Red Velvet Cupcakes. Vanilla frosting on a red velvet sponge and red velvet crumbles on top of the frosting are truly a sight to behold before you try these beauties. Available in a box of six, this bundle of carefully crafted premium delicacies will be a delicious addition to your Father’s Day celebrations. They are so velvety that when you give a sweet surprise to your dad with these delectable treats, it will create memories that last forever. 

Oreo Cookie Heaven - A Delicious Gift for Father’s Day

Oreo cupcakes are the perfect gift for your dad. Oreo buttercream frosting on a vanilla sponge and 2 Oreo cookies make our Oreo Cookie Heaven cupcakes a sweet surprise. These Father’s Day cupcakes are irresistible treats for extraordinary dads. Oreo Cookie Heaven cupcakes are so delicious that these delectable treats are going to become everyone’s favourite at your Father’s Day gathering. 

Create Unforgettable Memories on Father’s Day with a Cake Box!

Father’s Day is a special occasion for both the children and their dads; Cake Box makes it even more special with its delicious collection of Father’s Day cakes and Father’s Day cupcakes. The wide range of egg-free products available on Cake Box makes a perfect gift for Father’s Day.  We offer the best quality products and take pride in making you a permanent customer as soon as you try any one of them.

So what are you waiting for? Order Father's Day cupcakes and surprise your dad with the most delicious gift ever!


Can I get a refund if I cancel my cake order?

You might be able to get your money back for a cancellation because we decorate the cakes on the same day to keep them fresh. Our only conditions are that you have a genuine reason and that you need to cancel your order before decoration has been done on your cake.

How long can I store my Cupcake for after collection or delivery?

Fresh cream is used in all Cake Box products, so they taste brilliant for up to 24 hours. Therefore, we recommend that you store the cake in the fridge for no more than 24 hours after collection or delivery in order to get the best taste.

Does Cake Box offer gluten-free cakes, too?

We do not yet make gluten-free products, but you never know when we will start this line of cakes too. So, keep visiting our website.

Do you deliver in my area?

We deliver cakes in a variety of different areas. Use our store locator page to find out all the locations we deliver to or where our branches are.

Are your cakes egg-free?

YES! All our products are 100% egg-free. In fact, our founder follows a strict lacto-vegetarian diet, which inspired them to start Cake Box. But despite our products' egg-free status, you really cannot tell the difference. Our cakes are just that good. 

Do you have dairy-free products, too?

Yes. At Cake Box, we believe in catering to different dietary preferences. We do offer a wide range of vegan products. Feel free to explore our vegan collection.  

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