Valentines Bundles

Wonderful Valentine's Day Bundles to Celebrate Love - Ideal for a Special Day

Valentine's Day is a tremendous occasion celebrating love, devotion, and relationships; it's a day to illustrate to our significant others how important it is to care for and make treasured memories together. Cake Box is committed to elevating these novelettish occasions with our beautiful Valentine's bundles. Our Valentine bundles offer colourful options to suit every couple's preferences, from magical occasions to juicy treats. Imagine a romantic evening with a tasty cake, a fresh flower arrangement, or perhaps an exciting journey away for the two of you. Every bundle expresses love and has been courteously chosen to produce an excellent Valentine's Day celebration. Our team guarantees that every bite of their cakes is enjoyable because they produce them with love and careful attention to detail.

Valentines Bundles

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Enhance Your Valentine's bundles with Our Romantic Cakes

A cake with a heart shape or romantic decorations is the focal point of a festivity, representing love and friendliness. Customers want more because of our cake's adorable presentation and creamy flavours. 

Our exquisite designs and unique flavours will charm you with our stylish cakes. See which Valentine's Day cakes are the most stylish right now.

  • Floral Heart Bouquet

This Valentine's Day, show your love, passion, and appreciation with our alluring and charming Floral Heart Bouquet cake for your valentine for just £28.99. 

It symbolises your enthusiasm and passion for your soulmate, who holds a special place in your heart.

The heart-shaped arrangement exemplifies the depth of your affection, creating a visual masterpiece that shows your love and appreciation for your companion. You can also personalise the note on it to show your love!

  • Chocolate Heart with Strawberries

This Valentine's Day, delight your admirer with a sensualist Chocolate Heart with Strawberries cake in the range of £30.99. This succulent innovation isn't just a sweet treat; it's a way to demonstrate how important it is to value and love the special moments you have shared with the unique person in your life. Choose from 6 sizes, ranging from 8" to 18". You can also add beautiful messages for your soulmate!

  • Fruit and Chocolate Bounty

At a fantastic price of £27.99, our lovely Fruit & Chocolate Bounty cake will make Valentine's Day incredible. Your companion will adore this tasteful blend of dark chocolate and fresh fruit. 

Order now to treat your significant other with a budget-friendly cake that will make this Valentine's Day memorable! You can also customise romantic notes for your soulmate!

  • Strawberry Curl Cake

We have a Strawberry Curl cake that is only available for £29.99, so make Valentine's Day redundant and remarkable! This extraordinary delight is an incredible way to convey your love because it tastes outstanding. It's a unique gift that your sweetie pie will love because of its stunning and juicy flavour. Get now to ensure a pleasurable and fabulous Valentine's Day! 

  • Valentine Cupcakes

Our Valentine's Day Velvet cupcakes are a pleasurable addition to our collection and are irresistibly enchanting. You can express your devotion with every taste of these exquisitely decorated cupcakes. The vast range of flavours ensures that everyone will find a taste they enjoy.

Additional Elements in Valentine's Bundles

  • Personalised Cake Messages

Personalised cakes with notes that reflect your love for each other can be a romantic way to show your love.

Our talented bakers skillfully inoculate personalised messages or notes, guaranteeing that every cake becomes a distinctive and significant representation of the couple's love story.

Why Choose Cake Box for Valentine's Bundle

  • Diverse Variety of Cakes

Cake Box is proud to offer a broad spectrum of romantic cake options, such as fascinating heart-shaped cakes, Valentine cupcakes, and flawless-sized cake slices for two. 

Our comprehensive selection accommodates a wide range of tastes, making us the favoured option for couples looking for customisation and diversity in their Valentine's Day festival.

  • Exceptional Quality Ingredients 

At Cake Box, quality is our top concern. We ensure every bite of our cakes is a burst of luxury and flavour by sourcing only stylish components. 

Our Valentine's Day bundles celebrate not only love but also culinary superiority because the quality of our ingredients ensures a superior taste experience.

  • Easy Online Ordering

Cake Box promises a fantastic online ordering procedure, enabling visitors to browse, select, and purchase their favourite cake in their Valentine bundles with other things like chocolates and flowers. Our easy-to-use online ordering system is made to ensure that opting for and purchasing bundles is just as much fun as the festivity itself.

Personalised Valentine's Bundles at Cake Box

At Cake Box, we acknowledge that every love story is unique and beautiful, so their Valentine's Day festivities should also reflect their love story. With our customisation choices, you can deliver a bundle that should be according to your taste, making this Valentine's Day a unique and remarkable occasion. 

With Cake Box, you can produce a unique Valentine's Bundle with gifts such as chocolates and flowers, as well as our delightful cake that's predicated on your love story, opening up new beginnings for a customised festivity. Make your loved one fall head over heels with one of our delightful cakes. 


Q: Is it compulsory for me to pick up my Valentine's Cupcakes?

Your cake can be delivered to your home or picked up from the branch. Whatever option you decide, ensure your order number is given to anyone who receives or picks up the cupcakes.

Q: Is it possible to modify the cake's customisation?

Of course! You can personalise a quotation or a particular note for your loved one. Add a lovely message to the cake to make it indeed more memorable.

Q: How far should I place my order for Valentine's Day?

We recommend placing your order well before Valentine's Day to ensure quality and prompt delivery. Place your order immediately because popular dates tend to fill up snappily! For updates on availability times and deadlines, check our website. 

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