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Nothing demonstrates your affection for your significant other quite like a heart-shaped cake on Valentine's Day. At Cake Box, we provide you with custom-made cakes for all special occasions and celebrations, including Valentine's Day. Surprise your loved ones by adding a touch of romance with our heart-shaped Valentine's Day cake. Whether you are a chocoholic or an individual with a fruity taste, you can choose between our chocolate or the fruity cake. For a perfectly designed heart cake with flavours of your choosing, alongside custom decorations and a personalised message, contact Cake Box or visit one of our stores. Make your Valentine's Day extra special by treating yourself, your loved ones and your friends to a memorable experience.

Heart Valentines Cakes

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  1. Caramel Crunch Love Cake
    Caramel Crunch Love Cake
    From £27.99
  2. Romantic Red Velvet Cake
    Romantic Red Velvet Cake
    From £24.99
  3. Valentine's Love Heart Cake
    Valentine's Love Heart Cake
    From £24.99
  4. Chocolate Heart with Strawberries
    Chocolate Heart with Strawberries
    From £30.99
  5. Floral Heart Bouquet
    Floral Heart Bouquet
    From £28.99

Why Choose A Heart-Shaped Cake on Valentine's Day?

Choosing a cake for Valentine's Day can be a challenge. One of the important decisions to make is the shape of the cake. A standard square cake or a round cake is always present for every other celebration like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, etc.

Valentine's Day should be about love, and nothing embodies love quite like a heart. Not only is the heart a symbol of love and devotion, it adds to the romantic feeling of the special day. Moreover, the heart shape allows you to decorate the cake in a uniquely attractive way. Select a Valentine's Day cake at Cake Box or contact us for your custom order.

Here is why you should choose a heart shape Valentine's Day cake from Cake Box for you and your other half:

Celebrate Love In Your Own Way

Whether you go all out to surprise your partner on Valentine's Day or keep it casual, we can bake the best cakes for you and your loved ones. At Cake Box, we understand that everyone has their own unique way of celebrating love. That's why we adhere to your preferences; whether you are a vanilla fan or someone who likes a mixture of different flavours, we have got you covered. The sweetness and passion present in our cakes is a testament to the love you hold for your partner. 

Wide Range of Flavours To Tingle Your Taste Buds

Making Valentine's Day the most perfect and memorable day means as important to us as it does to you. That's why we offer you a large selection of flavours to choose from. If you and your partner like fruity flavours, you can put in an order for our raspberries or strawberry-flavoured cakes. Our experienced chefs will prepare a cake that will melt in your mouth.

Choose our classic red velvet flavour perfect for Valentine's Day; a heart-shaped red velvet cake is sure to touch the heart of your partner. We also provide you with chocolate, caramel, mango, coconut and several other flavours to choose from. 

Choose a cake and couple it with some fresh flowers, and you are ready for the Valentine's Day celebration. 

Excellent Quality Standards

When it comes to ensuring high-quality standards, Cake ox is in a league of its own. Our team of experienced bakers prepare cakes with utmost precision and delicacy. Our ingredients and the recipe for cakes are second to none in the entire country. 

Whether you are buying the cake for your partner or other family members like kids, we ensure freshness of ingredients along with exquisite taste. Based on 14,092 reviews, our customers have given us an average of 4.4 rating out of 5.

Simple to Order & Home Delivery 

We want to make your Valentine's Day an enjoyable experience. That's why we offer you a simple order system on our website. You can choose the flavours and the ingredients to decorate like sprinkles on a user-friendly interface. Once your order is confirmed, you can have it delivered to your address.

Best Heart-Shaped Cakes We Offer

With rich flavour and exquisite presentation, our cakes always leave the customer wanting for more. When it comes to the best heart-shaped cakes, you will be left mesmerised by our spectacular designs and memorable taste. Here are the best heart-shaped cakes you can buy now at our website.

Floral Heart Bouquet

Rated 4.3/5 by 31 different customers, this cake is in a league of its own. Its immaculate design, elegant colours and succulent taste are sure to capture your interest. The Floral Heart Bouquet is a sponge cake with an all-white coating of cream and icing. The red roses on the top give it that romantically elegant look. 

With a heart-shaped face giving you enough space for a personal message, this gorgeous cake comes in two different bases. The standard Victorian base with an 8-inch size will cost you £28.99. However, to satisfy the chocoholics, there is a special base of chocolate for an additional £2.00. The amazing Floral Heart Bouquet comes in 6 different sizes, with 8" being the smallest and 18" being the largest.

Chocolate Heart with Strawberries

When it comes to selecting a fruity cake with a combination of chocolate, this cake is the best for you. Rated 4.7/5 by our loyal customers, the chocolate heart with strawberries is a game changer. A sponge cake with a Victorian and a chocolate base is a delight for your taste buds. 

Moreover, its exquisite finish and the perfect design are a feast for the eyes, and the strawberries on top provide you with a fulfilling experience. You can also choose from 6 different sizes depending on the number of guests and calories you wish to intake. This finely designed masterpiece can be ordered for as little as £30.99.


Are your Valentine's Day cakes freshly prepared?

Yes, at Cake Box, we prepare your cakes after you place an order as per your flavour choices, decoration instructions and personal message requirements.

What is the standard pre-order time for a heart-shaped cake to be prepared?

All our cakes are prepared fresh, so we advise our customers to place their orders at least 48 hours before their special event.

Are the sponges used in these heart-shaped cakes frozen?

No, our employees prepare fresh and cooled sponges.

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