Father's Day Vegan Cakes

Delicious Vegan Cakes for Father's Day - Order from Cake Box!

Is your dad vegan, and you're worried about limited vegan cake options for Father's Day? Don't worry! Cake Box has multiple delicious options for Father's Day vegan cakes. Not when you are at Cake Box, as we have multiple options for what you are looking for. Our Father's Day vegan cakes are perfect for dads who are health-conscious, have dietary restrictions, or simply enjoy the wholesome goodness of plant-based treats, our vegan cakes are sure to make this Father’s Day unforgettable.

Father’s Day Vegan Cakes

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  1. Vegan Choc Buttercream Very Berry
    Vegan Choc Buttercream Very Berry
    From £31.99
  2. Vegan Choc Buttercream Oreo & Strawberry
    Vegan Choc Buttercream Oreo & Strawberry
    From £31.99
  3. Vegan Vanilla Buttercream & Speculoos
    Vegan Vanilla Buttercream & Speculoos
    From £31.99
  4. Vegan Vanilla Buttercream, Berry & Speculoos
    Vegan Vanilla Buttercream, Berry & Speculoos
    From £31.99
  5. Vegan Speculoos Bliss Cake
    Vegan Speculoos Bliss Cake
    From £32.99
  6. Vegan Carrot Cake
    Vegan Carrot Cake
    From £32.99

Celebrating Father's Day with Vegan Delights

Vegan cakes at Cake Box are simply the best treat you can give your dad on Father’s Day or another. Just because someone’s vegan doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy tasty delights. No one should be deprived of celebrating special occasions with sweets. 

So, a vegan cake is an inclusive way to treat everyone with Cake Box’s delectable confectionaries. While some may worry about taste and texture when it comes to plant-based baking, rest assured, our vegan cakes are just as moist and flavourful as conventional recipes.

A Diverse Vegan Collection at Cake Box

No matter how unique your taste buds are, you will certainly find perfect Father’s Day celebration cakes. A vegan choco-lover will never say to our Vegan Choc Buttercream Very Berry, chocolate buttercream with heart-melting berry topping; it’s the sweetest heaven on earth. Order this cake and taste it for yourself. You will be amazed. 

And if your father is a vanilla lover, don’t worry we have plenty of options to please him, such as our Vanilla Buttercream & Speculoos Cake; with 3 layers of Vanilla sponge, a nice filling of dairy-free Vanilla Buttercream, as if it’s not enough, topped with Biscoff, this is sure to delight any vegan’s heart.

Does your father love veggies and nuts?  What if we say you’ll find both of them in our cake? Yes, you read that right. Try our Vegan Carrot Cake. Each layer of spiced sponge cake is packed with grated carrots, sultanas, and walnuts for a moist, flavourful treat. What else? Well, it’s topped with creamy vanilla cream cheese frosting and a sprinkle of chopped hazelnuts.

Why Choose Cake Box for Vegan Delights?

Well, our mouthwatering treats are perfect for any vegan lover, but here are even more reasons to choose our vegan cakes for your special man on Father's Day.

Quality Ingredients

We only use the finest ingredients in our cakes. Our vegan cakes are made with premium, plant-based components, ensuring that every bite is as delicious as it is ethical.

Skilled Craftsmanship

Our bakers are experts in their craft, with years of experience in creating cakes that are not only visually stunning but also incredibly flavourful. Each cake is a work of art, meticulously decorated to add a touch of elegance to your celebration.

Customisation Options

We understand that every celebration is unique, and we offer customisation options to make your vegan cake truly special. When placing  an order for a vegan cake, all you have to do is type out a heart-felt message and we’ll take care of the rest.

How to Order Vegan Cakes from Cake Box?

Ordering your Father’s Day Vegan Cake from Cake Box is simple and convenient. Here’s how you can do it: 

  1. Visit our website or stop by our bakery to explore our Father’s Day Vegan Cakes collection.
  2. Add your special message to the cake.  You can do this when you’re placing an order. The message you add can be 25 characters long, including spaces. This helps keep your cake as beautiful as it should be!
  3. Once you’re done with that, just place the order, make the payment, and you’re good to go.
  4. On the day of delivery, your vegan cake will arrive fresh and ready for you to enjoy.

Father’s Day is a time to honour and celebrate the incredible dads in our lives. This year, make it extra special with a thoughtful and delicious vegan cake from Cake Box. Our commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and customer satisfaction ensures that your celebration will be memorable and delightful.

So if you are looking for a vegan cake to surprise your dad this Father's Day, browse our collection, place your order, and get ready to enjoy a cake that’s not only delicious but also made with love and care.


Do you deliver Father’s Day Vegan Cakes in my area?

We offer delivery services in a variety of different areas. Use our store locator page to find out if we deliver to your residence.

Are all your Father’s Day Vegan Cakes egg-free?

Absolutely! It’s not just our vegan collection that is egg-free. All our cakes, cupcakes, and cheesecakes are 100% egg-free and still incredibly delicious. You won’t even notice the difference!

How long can I store my Father’s Day Vegan Cake after collection or delivery?

Our cakes are made with fresh cream, so for the best taste, keep the cake in the fridge and enjoy it within 24 hours of collection or delivery.

Does Cake Box offer gluten-free, vegan options for cakes?

Currently, we don't offer gluten-free vegan products. However, check our website for future updates on gluten-free options.

Can I customise my vegan cake?

Yes, you can! We offer the option to add a custom hand-piped message to your Father’s Day Vegan Cake. The message can be 25 characters long, including spaces.

Do you have dairy-free products?

Yes, besides our Father’s Day vegan cakes, we have vegan cakes in general as well, to cater to diverse dietary preferences.

Can I get a refund if I cancel my Father’s Day cake order?

If you need to cancel your order, you might be eligible for a refund. Since we decorate our cakes on the same day to keep them fresh, cancellations must be made before we start decorating. Just provide a valid reason for cancellation, and we'll take care of the rest.

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