Delivery Information

Your postcode helps us find your local Cake Box menu and offers. Choose Collection or Delivery method and select your preferred store.

Why is your delivery option so expensive?

It may seem expensive, but delivering cakes requires more attention and responsibility. We use third-party drivers who deliver using cars (not mopeds) and our products require more care in handling. We also do not inflate our cake prices to absorb any delivery costs.

What if I miss my delivery? Will you re-deliver?

If you miss your collection, you will have to collect the cake from the store. You will not receive a refund the cost of the delivery as we would have paid the driver for their delivery attempt.

I opened the box and the cake was damaged/missing

You must contact us immediately and will endeavour to rectify the problem. It will become difficult to resolve any issues if you wait more than 24 hours before contacting us.

The driver has arrived and is asking for additional assistance.

Our cakes are very fragile and we'd like to reduce the responsibility to the driver in handling your cake especially larger cakes. In such an event, they will ask for further assistance and we will ask for you to help them as they may not understand how fragile your cake is.