Want something that’s tasty and perfectly goes tea in the evening or at events? Try our fresh berries cakes! We have over 50 fresh berries cake options for you. If you’re someone who prefers vegan dietary options, we’ve got you covered. Our Vegan Loveberry Bliss Cake is the perfect option for your dessert cuisine. If your taste buds are craving some chocolate, go for our Chocolate Hazelnut Berries cake. It's a sugary delight, but it has some protein and fibre, too. All our fresh berries cakes are special to us, and we make them with the utmost quality!

Berries Cakes

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Delicious Berries Cakes - Cake Box | Sweet Treats for Every Occasion

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  1. Vegan Loveberry Bliss Cake
    Vegan Loveberry Bliss Cake
    From £31.99
  2. Berry-Chocolate Diwali Bliss Cake
    Berry-Chocolate Diwali Bliss Cake
    From £36.99
  3. Luxury Chocolate Party Platter
    Luxury Chocolate Party Platter
    From £89.99
  4. Chocolate Hazelnut Berries
    Chocolate Hazelnut Berries
    From £35.99
  5. Chocolate Curls Fruit Corner
    Chocolate Curls Fruit Corner
    From £32.99
  6. Strawberry Chocolate Curls 1
    Strawberry Chocolate Curls Square
    From £31.99
  7. Almond and Strawberry 1
    Almond and Strawberry 1
    From £49.99
  8. Chocolate Sprinkles & Strawberry
    Chocolate Sprinkles & Strawberry
    From £28.99