Celebration Cakes

A celebration is incomplete without a cake! Make every occasion special with Cake Box and choose from our wide range of celebration cakes. Whether it's a birthday, Valentine's Day, Christmas, Eid, Easter or any other celebration, we have over 200 incredible cakes for you. Are you a chocoholic or someone who prefers fruity flavours in their cake? Cake Box celebration cakes will leave you craving for more. Light up your birthday with our handmade celebration cakes. Visit our online store now and buy a cake that’s filled with flavours today.

Celebration cakes

Best Celebration Cakes for Any Occasion

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Delicious Celebration Cakes for Every Occasion | Buy Online Now!

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Make Your Birthday Special with Personalised Birthday Cakes

Cake Box has a large selection of birthday cakes for you. Whether you are looking for a birthday cake for him or her, we have a ton of special cakes just for you. Birthday cakes are personal, and we pride in customer personalisation. Decide the shape, size, and flavours and a personalised message or even picture to your cake.

Order over 200 celebration cakes, a large number of which are birthday cakes. Don't forget all our celebration cakes are available online for purchase, which you can add to your cart and buy without having to visit our store. You can pick it up on your own or have it delivered to you. The choice is yours.

Which Type of Birthday Cake Is The Best?

Deciding the best birthday cake depends solely on the person whose birthday it is. Their favourite flavour, their hobbies and interests, and their preferences all matter when choosing a birthday cake.

If he or she likes chocolate, get them a chocolate cake from our large selection of delicious options.

If their taste buds prefer more fruity flavours, try strawberry-flavoured cakes. If you are getting a birthday cake for him, we recommend having ingredients like vanilla and chocolate. They are the staple of any delicious cake.

Most importantly, it's the customisation that matters the most. You can get a hand-piped personal message written and an image on the cakes, too and at no extra cost!

Choosing a birthday cake is a huge responsibility. Treat your loved ones with the best birthday cakes, and remember to visit our online shop for purchase.

Other Celebration Cakes we Offer

Birthday cakes aren't the only celebration cakes we offer at Cake Box. We have handmade cakes for any celebration or special occasion, any time of the year. We offer personalised cakes for:

  • Weddings
  • Mehndi ceremonies 
  • Graduation celebrations
  • Baby showers
  • Anniversaries
  • Parties

With tons of different options available, we’re absolutely sure you’ll find the perfect one for you. Visit our store in your area or buy the best celebration cakes across the UK online. We have both pickup and delivery options available. So, don’t wait. Order your cake today.


Can I order a cake in a flavour that is not listed on the website?

No, You can only choose from the list of the flavours given on our website. We have a great range of option for you to choose from. 

Do I get a refund if I have to cancel my order? 

Getting a refund is possible if you have to cancel your order. At Cake Box, we ensure that the cake you order is fresh and that’s why we decorate on the day of order. If you have to cancel your order, you might be able to a refund if we have not made the cake yet.

Can I get my celebration cakes delivered to me?

Yes, you can either visit our store to pick it up when it's prepared or have it delivered to you. Cake Box offers online purchases through our website, where you can select from over 200 cakes that you can personalise a with a message and an image. 

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