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The journey began in 2008 with 1 small store . . .

The Eggfree Cake Box opened its first store in the heart of East London in 2008. Its mission was to provide the UK market with a new concept; delicious fresh cream Celebration Cakes made without using eggs and an ‘on demand’ service. By eliminating the egg, without compromising on taste and texture, ECB cakes were an instant success; and a favourite amongst many who have certain religious, dietary and/or lifestyle choices.

The cakes are so light and fluffy and made to a high end recipe that we still use today. Our commitment to quality and value means that you will receive a fantastic, delicious product, every time. ECB began to increase in popularity and opened its first franchise a year later and has never looked back.

Here at ECB we like to think of each other as family, and our success is due to our commitment to the brand and extending our family circle to include our customers. We pride ourselves on using only the finest quality ingredients, and taking the utmost care in the production of our cakes.

All our products are 100% egg free. Many of the founders' family members follow a strict lacto-vegetarian diet and that is how they came up with the idea for the company. Whilst our cakes are egg free, you really can’t taste the difference, which makes them a perfect choice for any occasion.

Following a strong year of new openings in 2023, the company envisages opening 2 to 3 new stores per month nationally, in 2024. The success of ECB lies in its founder’s vision to restore Britain’s long standing traditional cake bakeries, with a modern twist. All stores work on the principal of offering fresh cream cakes on demand.