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Why do your cakes contain a lot of cream?

Our cakes are generally loved for the abundance of fresh cream. Elaborate decoration with cream is also a feature of celebration cakes and this is in addition, on top and sides of our cakes. Please use your discretion in serving the desired amount of cream to sponge. Darkly coloured cream will taste bitter and is best not served at all.

Do I have to collect my order in person?

No. You can have someone collect it on your behalf, but please give them your order form, or name and the order number. We advise you to ask the person collecting to send you a quick picture of the cake by phone message, to make sure you are happy with what you ordered.

Are your cakes suitable for people with nut allergies?

We do not use nuts in the manufacturing process, but some of our cake designs have nuts as a topping. For this reason we cannot guarantee 100% nut-free cakes.

Are your cakes Halal?

Our cakes contain no meat, alcohol, or any animal products except milk and cream. They are widely acceptable to Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs and Christians.

My party has been cancelled. If I cancel my cake order, will I get my money back?

Possibly. We usually decorate the cakes on the same day to ensure freshness. If you have a genuine, and unfortunate reason to cancel your order for which a deposit has been paid, we may be able to give you a refund, provided we have not made the cake.

Do you freeze your sponges?

No. We use freshly baked and cooled sponge

Do you make cakes other than ones with fresh cream?

Yes, our Vegan Collection is made without fresh cream. You can choose between our Vegan Vanilla Buttercream sponge or our Vegan Chocolate Sponge. To see more about our Vegan Collection, click here: https://www.cakebox.com/celebration-cakes/by-flavour-theme/vegancakes.html

Who owns cake box?

Since June 2018, Cake Box Holdings PLC is a Public Limited Company listed on the London Stock Exchange. Its shares are owned by its’ Directors, Large Professional investment institutions and ordinary members of the public. As with individual franchise owners, they come from a diverse range of racial, religious and ethnic backgrounds. The company directors support NO political or religious causes in the U.K or abroad.

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