Red Velvet

Red Velvet Cake is a visually appealing dessert known for its rich flavour, moist texture, and vibrant red food colouring. Red Velvet Cake is created with baking soda, cake flour, butter, and vanilla essence. Finally, icing sugar and cream cheese frosting is added on top to add happiness to your special moments. It can be just a chocolate cake with butter and cream cheese frosting for your kids. At Cake Box, we're devoted to creating pleasurable experiences that surpass the norm. Our red velvet cake plate represents cheerfulness and affection with its smooth layers and rich, delicate frosting. The red velvet cake at Cake Box is more than just a sweet treat with icing sugar and cake batter; it's a sincere expression of joy and love.

Red Velvet Cake

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Savour the Elegance of Our Best Red Velvet Cake - A Tasteful Melody of Richness and Delight

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  1. Romantic Red Velvet Cake
    Romantic Red Velvet Cake
    From £24.99
  2. Red Velvet Berry Burst
    Red Velvet Berry Burst
    From £33.99
  3. Red Velvet Rose
    Red Velvet Rose
    From £29.99
  4. Red Velvet Choco Hazelnut
    Red Velvet Choco Hazelnut
    From £34.99
  5. Hazelnut Topper Red Velvet
    Hazelnut Topper Red Velvet
    From £31.99
  6. Mixed Berries Red Velvet
    Mixed Berries Red Velvet
    From £33.99
  7. Red Velvet Naked Berry
    Red Velvet Naked Berry
    From £38.99
  8. Red Velvet Berries Fully Loaded
    Red Velvet Berries Fully Loaded
    From £40.99

Why Choose Red Velvet Cake 

Unique Taste  

The secret to unique red velvet recipes comes from combining a mild cocoa flavour for chocolateiness and buttermilk for some tartness. Thanks to this unique combination, every bite becomes a flavour adventure that makes the taste pop and stand out. 

Visual Appeal 

Imagine red food colouring and an amazing cake recipe with a rich frosting of cream cheese icing on top. The result will be a mighty red velvet cake that is both visually gorgeous and juicy in taste. It's a visual and gustatory delight, making each slice a pleasure to savour. 


Making red velvet cake layers is a multifaceted sweet dish that can take numerous colourful forms. It can be enjoyed as a traditional, delicious cake, as an alluring cupcake liner, or, indeed, in different inventive ways. There are so many choices to suit any event! 

Red for Happy Moments 

A red velvet cake is a sure sign that festivals are in order! Every piece of rich red velvet cake is like being at a party. Ideal for romantic, sweet days like Valentine's Day or essential occasions like marriages. 

Cream Cheese Frosting  

Consider a red velvet cake layer with sharp and delicate frosting—tangy cream cheese frosting and red velvet. It enhances the flavour and satisfaction of the entire cake, giving your taste buds a soft cognition.

Timeless Appeal  

The classic red velvet cake is always in style. Everyone still adores it, indeed, after all this time as a favourite. This delicious custom never goes out of style, whether you stick to the tried-and-true or try something new. 


Red velvet cake is not only a mere cake; in fact, it's more than that. Garnish with your favourite chocolate, nuts, food colouring, or berries to make it unique and delightful. Every piece of cake matches your imagination!

Make Your Special Occasion Perfect With Our Red Velvet  Cake

Experience the ultimate indulgence with our fascinating red velvet cake. Our cakes have rich flavours of gel food colouring and boast exquisite presentation, leaving consumers craving for more. 

With our spectacular designs and unforgettable tastes, we guarantee to enchant you with the finest cakes. Do not miss out on our current selection of appealing red velvet cakes.  

Red Velvet Berry Burst  

Try our Red Velvet Berry Burst Cake, available from £33.99 depending on the size, for the perfect balance of lavishness and refinement.

This gorgeous sweet blend has mixed berries and rich red velvet for a comforting symphony of flavours. Each slice has a smooth texture with vanilla extract and food colouring with impeccably balanced sweetness. You can also personalise a message on it!  

Red Velvet Rose 

Introducing our best-selling Red Velvet Rose, available for £29.99.

Indulge in the soft and tasteful red velvet base, nicely filled with luscious cake with cream cheese and crowned with a subcaste of fresh cream. Each slice is a work of art and a trip into captivating flavours. Personalise your festival with a message on our red velvet rose. 

Red Velvet Choco Hazelnut  

The Red Velvet Choco Hazelnut Cake, priced at £34.99, combines classic red velvet with a captivating filling of chocolate and hazelnuts.

Indulge in the rich layers of chocolate and hazelnut invested in the satiny red velvet. This dessert is a smooth texture cake with cream cheese frosting on top that will surely please your taste buds.  

Mixed Berries Red Velvet 

Introducing a lovely twist on the classic red velvet cake, our Mixed Berries Red Velvet Cake is now available for £33.99. This cake is an ideal treat for any event.

The cake's thickness is rounded by the vibrant mixed berries, creating a harmonious balance of sweet and tart flavours to delight your palate.  

Red Velvet Berries Fully Loaded 

Enjoy our glorious Red Velvet Berries Fully Loaded Cake at £40.99. This exquisite creation takes the classic red velvet to new heights with a medley of juicy mixed berries.

Each bite is a symphony of rich red velvet, with bursts of pleasantness and tartness from the berries.  

Red Velvet Cupcakes 

Enjoy the eternal charm of our bite-sized Red Velvet Cupcakes, priced at £22.00, and impeccably capture the essence of silky richness.

The best red velvet cake or cupcake combines rich cream cheese frosting and soft red velvet cake, creating a little treat for your taste buds.  

Final Words

Whether you are celebrating the birthday of your loved one, an anniversary for your lover, or just enjoying life's sweetness, our staff or bakers ensure your every occasion is wonderful. Enjoy our red velvet cake to the fullest, and turn every moment into a reason to celebrate.


  • What makes Cake Box's Red Velvet Cake unique?  

Cake Box's best red velvet cake stands out for its exceptional mix of satiny texture and exquisite flavour. We use high-quality wet ingredients and red food colouring on the final cake layer, precisely casting each cake perfectly and passionately to deliver a memorable and pleasurable experience.  

  • Can I customise my Red Velvet Cake for a special occasion?  

Absolutely! Cake Box provides customisation options to make your best red velvet cake uniquely yours. Whether it's personalised messages or notes, specific decorations, or flavour variations, we will produce a velvety crumb cake with a tangy flavour that suits your special occasion.  

  • Can I order a Red Velvet Cake online, and what's the delivery process?  

Yes, Cake Box offers online ordering for your convenience. Choose your preferred red velvet desserts, such as one cake pan, tender cake with chocolate taste, and other variations, sizes, and customisation options. Our effective delivery ensures your dessert arrives fresh and on time, making your festivity more special. 




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