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Check out our incredible range of eggless cupcakes, from birthday cupcakes to anniversary cupcakes, get well soon cupcakes and everything in between. We have a wide range of egg free cupcakes for you to choose from, all hand decorated with frosting. When you choose to purchase eggless cupcakes from Eggfree Cake Box, picking up your freshly made cupcakes has never been so easy. With 200+ stores nationwide to choose from. Simply click your order online and pop into your local branch to collect. Looking for last minute egg free cupcakes? Then choose from our wide selection of in store cupcakes, readily available, all hand made from high quality ingredients and topped with tasty cupcake frosting. Our best-selling eggless cupcakes are the ultimate indulgence, the perfect sweet treat for any occasion. Go on, treat yourself, treat someone else, order today for your special occasion and enjoy gorgeous, handmade, stylishly designed egg free cupcakes wherever you are. The proof is in the tasting, and these taste as good as they look.

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  1. Assorted Chocolate Topped Cupcakes
    Assorted Chocolate Topped Cupcakes
    From £22.00
  2. Oreo Cupcakes
    Oreo Cupcakes
    From £22.00
  3. Deluxe Cupcake Selection
    Deluxe Cupcake Selection
    From £22.00
  4. Mango & Cream Cupcake
    Mango & Cream Cupcake
    From £12.50
  5. Hazelnut Cupcakes
    Hazelnut Cupcakes
    From £22.00
  6. Hazelnut Cream Crunch Cupcakes
    Hazelnut Cream Crunch Cupcakes
    From £22.00
  7. Chocolate Flake Cupcakes
    Chocolate Flake Cupcakes
    From £22.00
  8. Caramel & Raffaello Cupcakes
    Caramel & Raffaello Cupcakes
    From £22.00
  9. Baby Shower Vanilla Cupcakes Pink
    Baby Shower Vanilla Cupcakes Pink
    From £15.00
  10. Baby Shower Vanilla Cupcakes
    Baby Shower Vanilla Cupcakes
    From £15.00
  11. Baby Boy Vanilla Selection
    Baby Boy Vanilla Selection
    From £15.00

Eggfree Cake Box cupcakes are a great idea for a hen party gift or a bi