Your grand celebrations need an elegantly crafted multi-tiered cake. If you are hunting for a perfect tiered cake for your next event, we have an enchanting list of scrumptious tiered cakes at Cake Box. Our egg-free tiered cakes are not only visually appealing but also a delight to the palate. This sweet surprise will elevate everyone’s mood in your celebrations. Let's explore the world of tiered cakes that bring sweetness to your life, one layer at a time.

Tiered Cakes

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Indulge in Exquisite Tiered Cakes - Elevate Celebrations!

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  1. Rosette Two Tier Blue Roses
    Rosette Two Tier Blue Roses
    From £199.99
  2. Rosette Two Tier Red Roses
    Rosette Two Tier Red Roses
    From £199.99
  3. Classic Two Tier Blue Roses
    Classic Two Tier Blue Roses
    From £199.99
  4. Classic Two Tier Red Roses
    Classic Two Tier Red Roses
    From £199.99
  5. Classic Two Tier with Cream Roses
    Classic Two Tier with Cream Roses
    From £199.99
  6. Classic Two Tier Red Roses 2
    Classic Two Tier Red Roses 2
    From £199.99
  7. Classic Three Tier with Blue Roses
    Classic Three Tier with Blue Roses
    From £249.99
  8. Classic Cream Three Tier
    Classic Cream Three Tier
    From £249.99

What is a Tiered Cake?

Do you think tiered cake is just another name for a layered cake? Ah! you are mistaken. Layer cakes contain the same size of multiple cake layers stacked upon one another with frosting or filling between them. 

On the other side, a tiered cake contains multiple cake layers of different sizes, vertically stacked upon each other to create a towering effect. The cake layer of a tiered cake is usually supported by plastic dowels or any other way for stability. The plastic or bamboo dowel rods provide added support.

If you have a large number of guests, just like at weddings, you should go for a tiered cake. Such cakes have high capacity and complement your grand celebrations. 

Tiered Cakes at Cake Box: A Blend of Elegance and Taste

So why look for a Cake Box when there are a lot of other tiered cake makers out there? Well! If you are looking for a tiered cake, it means the event won’t be any ordinary. There would be a lot of people, a lot of palates, and, of course, a lot of expectations from the host.

You can’t settle for the ordinary when everyone around is waiting for the big day, right? Cake Box has been serving sweet lovers with magical bites for the last 15 years. There is logically a reason behind thousands of people prioritising our cakes for their special occasions. 

Our expert cake bakers put all their expertise and skills into crafting tiered masterpieces to elevate your special events. Whether it is a wedding, an anniversary, or a milestone birthday, every event means the world to you. That's why we use the finest ingredients to bake and decorate a perfect cake for your events.

High Capacity

We offer two and three-tiered cakes, with each tier packed in a different cake board. The two-tiered cake serves 60 people, and the three-tiered one is enough for 100 people. So before ordering your cake, make sure of the number of guests and choose accordingly. 

Diverse Tastes

At Cake Box, you will find stacked cakes with a Victoria or chocolate base. Besides, these cream-filled delights come with multiple flavours and topping options. For instance, the elegant Classic Cream Three Tier has a smooth and fluffy texture with graceful cream roses on each tier. 

If you are a fan of the classic red and white merger, our Rosette Two-Tier Red Roses is a great choice. We believe that it's the little things that make a big difference. From the choice of edible flowers to the colour of the icing, we ensure that every detail matches your desired goals.


Your celebration is unique, and your cake should be, too. So, personalise your tier cake with the pictures and messages. For instance, add a special message for your significant other on your anniversary. Similarly, try out a collage of your special moments of togetherness on your tier cake for your wedding. 

Complementary Accessories

Another great thing about our tier cakes is that you can rent out a knife and cake stand by paying a deposit amount. Please note that you need to remove the cake from the cake boards and set them on the stand by yourself. After your event, just return the stand and knife back within five days to get the full deposit back. You won’t be charged with any extra amount. 

Convenient Delivery

Don't stress about transporting the whole cake by yourself. We take that responsibility on our shoulders by delivering the tiered cake right to your doorstep. Just browse through our enticing stacked cake list and find yourself the best one as per your preferences (don’t blame us if you like every cake on the list). We take the utmost care of your order while on the road and ensure it reaches in a pristine condition on your event venue.

High-Quality Ingredients

At Cake Box, health is our utmost priority. That’s why we use only fresh and quality ingredients in all our confectionaries. Our sponges are freshly prepared and used to prepare the tiered cakes for your special events. 

Vegetarian-Approved Products

If you are a vegetarian, feel free to try any product from our list. All the cakes are free of eggs and are approved by the Vegetarian Society of the United Kingdom to be safe for the use of vegetarians.

Order Your Tier Cake from Cake Box

So you are going to order a perfect cake for your next event, But how? The process is as easy as a breeze:

  • Browse our tiered cake collection.
  • Select the cake of your choice
  • Add your personalised message and images.
  • Go to the checkout page and order your cake successfully.

If you miss adding a personalised picture while placing your order, you can email us separately.

Slice into Happiness with Cake Box's Tiered Cake

Our cakes are not just ordinary sweets; we collide with a perfect blend of taste and elegance. Our professionals go the extra mile to create a masterpiece that acts as a centrepiece of your occasions. 

From red floral heavens to blue jewels of the ocean, we have an expansive list of scrumptious cake tiers that suit every palate. So order your magical bites today and let these sweet layers cast a delicious spell that will leave you craving more.


How soon can I get the deposit returned for additional accessories?

Your deposit will be paid back to you in four days after you return the accessories. 

Do you offer delivery for Tiered Cakes?

Yes, we offer convenient delivery options to ensure that your cake arrives at your event venue in perfect condition. Delivery fees may vary based on your location.

How many tiers do your tiered cakes contain?

Our tier cake selection contains two-tiered and three-tiered cakes in different flavours and designs. 

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