Every boy deserves a spectacular birthday cake. Have you got a birthday boy in need of a special birthday cake? When you’re looking for a scrumptious boy’s birthday cake, choose a fantastic design from Cake Box. Our range of delicious, fresh cream, eggless birthday cakes for boys are hand crafted with edible decorations and can be personalised with your chosen birthday message. Give your favourite boy the happy birthday cake he’ll remember forever. The lucky birthday boy will already be looking forward to a day full of fabulous presents, scrumptious treats and bucket loads of fun, and the cherry on top will be when you bring out the best, biggest, bespoke egg free birthday cake, just for him.

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Boys Birthday Cakes | Boys Party Cakes - Cake Box

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  1. Hazelnut Number
    Hazelnut Number
    From £47.99
  2. Caramel Cream with Chocolate Rolo
    Caramel Cream with Chocolate Rolo
    From £32.99
  3. White Curls Hazelnut Bueno
    White Curls Hazelnut Bueno
    From £30.99
  4. Chocolate Curl & Strawberry
    Oreo Cookies & Cream
    From £29.99
  5. Flake Customised Number Cake
    Flake Customised Number Cake
    From £44.99
  6. Oreo Crumble
    Oreo Crumble
    From £27.99
  7. Milk & White Chocolate Curls
    Milk & White Chocolate Curls
    From £28.99
  8. Caramel Drip Rolo Naked
    Caramel Drip Rolo Naked
    From £33.99
  9. Racing Track Number
    Racing Track Number
    From £47.99
  10. Customised Number Cake
    Customised Number Cake
    From £40.99
  11. Football Pitch
    Football Pitch
    From £35.99
  12. Blue Football Players
    Blue Football Players
    From £30.99
  13. Choc Sprinkle Football Cake
    Choc Sprinkle Football Cake
    From £29.99