Number cakes are a fantastic way to celebrate momentous occasions like birthdays or anniversaries. Such cakes can be made according to your preferences by switching up the flavours. And if you like, you can include your favourite treats, cookies, or even flowers to get your one-of-a-kind cake. At Cake Box, we specialise in creating the ideal number cake for you. Whether it's your baby's first birthday or your grandparent's 70th, you’ll find versatility in flavour, shape, and design. You can have your number cake tailored to your preferences, ensuring it's a perfect fit for your celebration.

Number Cake

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Delight in Number Cakes - Cake Box

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  1. Rose Two Number
    Rose Two Number
    From £68.99
  2. Racing Track Number
    Racing Track Number
    From £47.99
  3. Rainbow Number
    Rainbow Number
    From £44.49
  4. Hazelnut Number
    Hazelnut Number
    From £50.99
  5. Piped Two Colour Number
    Piped Two Colour Number
    From £46.99
  6. Rose Customised Number Cake
    Rose Customised Number Cake
    From £41.49