The weddings in the subcontinent are mostly extravagant. They have prolonged ceremonies and dedicated venues for events, which can span a week or a month, accompanied by colourful celebrations. Mehndi is the most fun and colourful event of the wedding.

It is an integral and traditional symbol of vibrant wedding festivities. Since every event is complete with the cake's sweetness, people order designed mehndi cakes to add flavour and aroma to their events and celebrations. Cake Box is the go-to destination for people residing in the UK seeking the perfect Mehndi cake. 

Mehndi Cake

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Exquisite Mehndi Cakes - Cake Box: The Epitome of Sweet Celebrations

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  1. Pink & Green Mendi Flowers
    Pink & Green Mendi Flowers
    From £51.99
  2. White & Blue Mendi Flowers
    White & Blue Mendi Flowers
    From £76.49
  3. Red & Green Mendi
    Red & Green Mendi
    From £53.99
  4. Purple & Green Mendi Heart
    Purple & Green Mendi Heart
    From £41.99

A Sweet Tradition

You would surely want to enjoy the celebration of this sweet tradition held a day or two before the wedding with Cake Box. It is an event when you embrace the bride-to-be with beautiful henna designs. Reach out to our webpage and order the cake of your bride's choice.

The ritual signifying love, beauty, and the strength of the bond between the couple is celebrated with dance, music, lighting, fireworks, and, of course, the cake-cutting ceremony, which is becoming prevalent in recent scenarios.

Eggfree Cake Box: Crafting Sweet Memories

Cake Box understands the importance of diversity. We offer a range of cake sizes with stunning servings and cater to dietary preferences, ensuring everyone can savour the sweetness of the moment. Our egg-free cakes are prepared with the same love and affection that you would want to depict in your event.

The Perfect Mehndi Cake

Our perfect Mehndi cake has an optimum size designed to capture the essence of this beautiful tradition. You can choose from various flavours, ensuring your cake looks fantastic and tantalises your taste buds.

Convenience at Your Fingertips

Planning a wedding involves numerous details; sometimes, you might need a last-minute Mehndi cake. With Cake Box, you can conveniently order your chosen Mehndi cake online and collect it quickly.

Our user-friendly website allows you to browse through our selection, place your order, and select a pickup location that suits you best. We understand that time is of the essence during wedding preparations, and we're here to make things easier for you.

Mehndi Cakes Near Me

Our commitment to convenience continues after online ordering. We have more than 230 stores all across the UK, so finding a branch near you is effortless. No matter where you are in London, you can rely on Eggfree Cake Box to provide you with a Mehndi cake that's visually stunning and incredibly delicious.

Purple & Green Mehndi Heart Cake

Introducing the enchanting Purple & Green Mehndi Heart cake, HT004, available at a starting price of £41.99. This delightful creation offers a choice between a Victoria base or a rich chocolate base, catering to your taste preferences. With sizes available, from 10-inch cake servings for 12 to 48 people, you can easily find the perfect fit for your celebration.

What makes this cake even more special is the option to add a personalised message, making it a heartfelt centrepiece for any occasion. Celebrate in style and taste with our Purple and green Mehndi Heart cake, embodying joy and sweetness.

White & Blue Mehndi Flowers Cakes

They introduced the elegant White & Blue Mehndi Flowers cakes, SQ161, available starting at £76.99. These exquisite cakes come with a Victoria or Chocolate base with a square shape.

The cake size 14-inch cake provides 30 servings, and the unique 28-inch cake size offers servings for 70 people. Celebrate your special moments with these beautiful cakes adorned with intricate white and blue Mehndi flower designs, adding a touch of artistry and flavour to your occasion.

Square Pink & Green Mehndi Flowers Cakes

Additionally, we offer charming Square Pink & Green Mehndi Flowers cakes, SQ162, starting from £51.99. These cakes also provide the choice of a Victoria or chocolate base and come in sizes to suit your needs, serving 22, 30, 40, 50, or even 70 guests.

The delightful pink and green Mehndi flower patterns on these cakes add a touch of vibrancy and elegance to any celebration, making them a delightful centrepiece for your special event.

Square Red and Green Mehndi Cake

Lastly, we present the Square Red & Green Mehndi cake, RD196, starting at £50.99. With sizes serving 18 and 26 guests, these cakes offer both Victoria and chocolate base options, ensuring a delectable experience for your guests.

The striking red and green Mehndi design on these cakes exudes a sense of celebration and tradition, making them a wonderful choice for any occasion. Embrace the beauty of Mehndi artistry with these exquisite cakes, and make your moments even more memorable.

Cake Delivery in London

We offer cake delivery services in London for those who prefer doorstep delivery direct to your home. You can have your Mehndi cake delivered to your chosen location, ensuring that it arrives fresh and ready to be enjoyed by you and your guests. 

Mehndi ceremony is a cherished tradition that deserves to be celebrated with a cake that reflects its beauty and significance. At Cake Box, we offer a variety of items catering to your nutritional and dietary restrictions as well. Note that we have multiple locations in London to be accessible to you at all venues. 

Remember the Eggfree Cake Box to be a part of your Mehndi ceremony. Read more information on our webpage. Contact us to have the best experience of your lifetime.


What variety of mehndi cakes do you offer?

We provide a range of mehndi cakes catering to your preferences to our customers. 

Is home delivery available for the anniversary cake?

Yes, you get the cakes delivered to your doorstep in the UK, ensuring that your cake arrives perfectly and on time for your special celebration.

Can I get someone to collect my order if I am not available? 

Yes, You can ask someone to collect on your behalf if you give them your name, order number, and the order form. 

What are the options if I don’t receive my delivery on time? 

In case you miss the delivery, you will have contact the store you ordered it from to discuss options. 

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