What's a better way to show your love than a scrumptious heart cake? Sweets translate a thousand emotions, and love is one of them. At Cake Box, we offer perfectly designed heart-shaped cakes that are rich in flavour and spectacular in expression. These heart-shaped masterpieces are designed to elevate your celebrations to the next level, making every moment sweeter and more memorable. Want to express your feelings to your significant other? Our heart-shaped delights will speak on behalf of you. So step into our heartfelt delights and smile your heart out.

Heart Cakes

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Exquisite Heart Cakes - A Sweet Symphony of Love

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  1. Vintage  Violet Heart Cake
    Vintage Violet Heart Cake
    From £34.99
  2. Vintage Cherry Blossom Heart Cake
    Vintage Cherry Blossom Heart Cake
    From £34.99
  3. Caramel Crunch Love cake
    Caramel Crunch Love cake
    From £27.99
  4. Romantic Red Velvet Cake
    Romantic Red Velvet Cake
    From £24.99
  5. Purple & Green Mendi Heart
    Purple & Green Mendi Heart
    From £41.99
  6. Floral Heart Bouquet
    Floral Heart Bouquet
    From £30.49
  7. Caramel Cream Strawberry Heart
    Caramel Cream Strawberry Heart
    From £35.99
  8. Chocolate Heart with Strawberries
    Chocolate Heart with Strawberries
    From £32.99