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Indulge in Vegan Bliss | CakeBox's New Vegan Buttercream Collection

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  1. Choc Buttercream & Oreo
    Choc Buttercream & Oreo
    From £36.99
  2. Vanilla Buttercream, Berry & Biscoff
    Vanilla Buttercream, Berry & Biscoff
    From £35.99
  3. Choc Buttercream Very Berry
    Choc Buttercream Very Berry
    From £37.99
  4. Choc Buttercream Oreo & Strawberry
    Choc Buttercream Oreo & Strawberry
    From £37.99
  5. Vanilla Buttercream Berry Crown
    Vanilla Buttercream Berry Crown
    From £34.99
  6. Vanilla Buttercream & Biscoff
    Vanilla Buttercream & Biscoff
    From £34.99