Valentines Vegan Cakes

Gorgeous Valentine’s Day Vegan Cakes- Sweet Delights for Your Celebration.

At Cake Box, we believe that every special occasion should be made a little sweeter, and what better time than Valentine's Day to spoil your loved ones with some delicious vegan treats? Our Valentine's Vegan Cakes are the perfect combination of love, taste, and being mindful of what you consume. Immerse yourself in a sugar addict's paradise that not only caters to your sweet tooth but also meets a variety of dietary requirements.

Valentines Vegan Cakes

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  1. Vegan Loveberry Bliss Cake
    Vegan Loveberry Bliss Cake
    From £36.99
  2. Vanilla Buttercream, Berry & Speculoos
    Vanilla Buttercream, Berry & Speculoos
    From £35.99
  3. Choc Buttercream Very Berry
    Choc Buttercream Very Berry
    From £37.99

The Vegan Loveberry Bliss Cake

Our Vegan Loveberry Bliss Cake recipe is a work of art created to capture the spirit of love and please your sense of taste. This cake, made with carefully chosen ingredients, is more than just a snack or fancy dessert; it is an experience. Here's why it stands out:

Dietary Preferences

We recognise the importance of catering to a variety of dietary needs, which is why our Loveberry Bliss. You can bake it, prepare it, or enjoy it without worrying because the treats your loved ones will have will complement their healthy lifestyle.

Our cake is an inclusive delight, meaning that everyone can enjoy your special occasion without giving up on flavour or meal requirements.

Berrylicious Goodness

To keep every bite of the cake bursting with berry flavour, the cake is composed of the ideal proportion of both fresh and freeze-dried strawberries. It also uses other fresh berries, including raspberries and some others, to ensure that every cut is filled with fruity experiences. 

With the sourness of the fruit providing sweetness, our recipe for Loveberry Bliss Cake never gets old.

Vanilla Cake Perfection

A traditional vanilla cake is essential for any gathering. We use only pure vanilla extract to ensure that every bite of our recipe has the timeless, calming flavour of vanilla. 

The sweet, pure essence of vanilla extract gives our cakes and desserts their nostalgic appeal. We also use it to make our super easy and vegan versions of traditional baking.

Natural Sweeteners

We used natural alternatives such as caster sugar, cinnamon, lemon juice, and white vinegar to sweeten our cakes. These ingredients contribute to the sweetness making our cakes different from anything you've ever had before.

In keeping with your commitment to conscious eating, the natural sweeteners that were used in the cake were not only picked for their delicious sweetness but also for their overall lightness, which guarantees a tasty indulgence. 

Romantic Red Velvet Cupcakes

For those who cannot resist the allure of vegan red velvet cupcakes, our Valentine's Vegan Cakes feature vegan cupcakes with red velvet frosting. These bite-sized frosting treats are ideal for sharing and will bring a romantic touch to your dessert experience.

 In addition to looking amazing, these velvety-textured, deep-red cupcakes taste amazing when paired with other cupcakes to create a multi-flavoured, opulent treat.

Vegan Valentine's Day Delight

These cupcakes demonstrate that delectably decadent vegan desserts are still possible. They are created with an intense level of love and skill, letting the goodness of plants shine through; this makes them perfect for vegans. 

Valentine's Day will, therefore, become unique as you spend time savouring a dessert that is both delicious and in accordance with your values.

The Ingredients That Make It Special

Keeping in mind that taste and quality are our primary concerns, the selection of ingredients reflects our commitment to both. These are some of the ingredients that typically work their magic.

Vegan Butter and Coconut Oil

We use vegan butter that has been balanced with coconut oil to create vegan chocolate that has a flavour that is irresistible and a flaky, fluffy crust. The cake has a rich, buttery texture from these plant-based fats, which will make you want to eat more of it. 

In addition to giving the cake moisture and a hint of nuttiness, this carefully blended vegan butter and coconut oil also contribute to the overall complexity of the flavour.

Coconut Cream and Coconut Milk

The cake batter is made with coconut milk and cream to give it a creamy appearance and a tropical flavour. Despite being vegan, these straightforward ingredients nevertheless elevate this cake to a luxurious level. The cake tastes like very expensive food that makes you feel good because coconut cream and coconut milk give it a creamy and silky texture, in addition to the most amazing tropical feeling one could ever hope for.

Serving Suggestions

Our vegan Valentine's cakes are a special occasion worthy of appreciation, not just any old breakfast treat. The recipes for a few presentation techniques that will enhance the pleasure of your treat are provided below:

Fresh Berries Topping

Garnish each slice of Loveberry Bliss Cake with a mixture of fresh strawberries, raspberries, and other berries to provide a cool flavour that accentuates the cake's inherent flavours. 

The pretty appearance of the fresh berries combined with their succulent, smooth texture against the palate makes for a wonderful visual feast.

Coconut Whipped Cream

Adding a dollop of coconut whipped cream could even intensify the flavour. The texture, which is light and fluffy, offers an ideal counterpoint to the richness of chocolate cakes. 

It achieves perfect harmony in taste while enhancing the cake's heavenly creaminess and subtle coconut flavour, bringing out the chocolate cake's tropical undertones.

Romantic Ambiance

Decorate and present vegan Valentine's cakes on lovely dessert dishes while playing romantic background music to create a romantic ambience. An ideal setting is necessary for a perfect treat.

Let’s create an intimate, memorable celebration with vegan chocolate that is coupled with candlelight, where candles’ warmth will set our hearts alight as we eat every mouthful of our cakes to sweet tunes that drench the moment.


Words cannot express how much this Vegan Loveberry Bliss Cake means to you. Give it as a Valentine's Day gift. A cake like this is perfect for a more special celebration because it tastes great, is made with ethical ingredients, and is vegan. 

Order from CakeBox right now to treat your loved ones to a dessert they will never forget.


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